• The new EOS Quattro
    We are very happy to inform you that the first brand-new EOS QUATTRO ENGINE are ready for take-off!


  • The new EOS 150 ICI FR
    Engine with different port timing and higher compression ratio for additional power and thrust


  • The new EOS 150 ICI RV4
    New cylinder with higher quality workmanship and more durable starter spring


  • The new EOS 150 ICI RV3


  • The new EOS 100 ICI RV5


  • New: EASY STARTER revised in many details


  • New: cylinder EOS 150 - revised cooling fins


  • New: reinforced drive bracket EOS 150


  • The new EOS 100 ICI mod. 2019


  • The new EOS 150 ICI mod. 2019


  • New: EOS 100 Booster ICI with new ignition system




  • New special cable from coil to spark plug cap, improving spark power


  • New starter handle


  • New improved modified magnet wheel (new re-shaped fingers, re-enforced studs)


  • New improved modified hand pull starter (new material for spool, re-enforced housing)


  • New improved modified exhaust for the EOS 100 Booster


  • New EOS 100 Booster


  • New Propeller P&T Carbon


  • New cylinder arrangement


  • New carburetor
    DLE carburetor replaced by Walbro WG-8-1


  • New clutch


  • New starter


  • New Carbon propeller
    New carbon propeller with 130cm diameter


  • New Ignition timing


  • New air inlet / air box